There is a saying, "with correct nutrition there is no need for medicine, without correct nutrition medicine is of no use." At Crystal Springs we believe that the future of beautiful skin and youthfulness lies is therapeutic nutrition, meaning the food that nourishes our blood. Get this right and you can truly hold back the years with no side effects, just beautiful skin.

Facials are essential to any skin care regime. They allow your therapist to get the correct understanding of your skin in order to use the best nutritional products and achieve the best results.

These treatments are especially effective when combined with the Tummy Detox and AMT Personalised Food Programme.

Express Facial - 30 minutes

Our Express Facial is a great taster facial to suit your individual skin type. It allows you to quickly understand your skin and experience how our exclusive Isabella Skincare Collection products work. It can also be used as a quick pick me up facial treatment.


Rejuvenating Facial - 1 hour

The Crystal Springs 'hands-on' holistic facial massages work wonders on those who suffer from stress, especially when it is seen in the face. This ancient style, gentle massage of the skin connects the tissues, scalp and muscles of the face, neck and shoulders, removes inflammation, relaxes the muscles and can provide a good night's sleep.


Signature FACIAL - 1 HOUR

The treatment begins with a tummy lymph-drainage massage followed by a double facial cleansing, where we exfoliate the face with powdered almond to remove dead skin cells helping the nutrient-rich Isabella products to penetrate. Toner is applied followed by a very gentle massage on the skin and connective tissue. This is to both detoxify and aid blood-flow carrying vital nutrients back to the skin. Finally, you will be given water for rehydration and to help flush the system after your treatment. In order to maximise the benefits of this treatment, we recommend you continue drinking water at home and use the products which can be purchased from the clinic.