Biotransformation Detoxification Programme
Are you noticing the signs of ageing? Are you struggling with your weight, tiredness, aches and pains, lines & wrinkles? 

When you use anti-ageing treatments their effect all too often falls short of our high expectations. The first, and most important step to take before following any anti-ageing treatment is to detox. To rid your body of toxins is key to the anti-ageing process, and did you know the older you get the more toxins you will have?

Identifying your wonderful uniqueness
This programme has been implemented exclusively by Joan Burke for Crystal Springs to ensure its safety. After extensive training with a renowned US doctor whose expertise in biochemistry and human physiology knows no bounds, Joan has designed the ultimate programme to offer a complete body anti-aging transformation. Identifying your four unique phases of detoxification is an incredibly powerful tool which allows us to personalise your Biotransformation Detoxification to give you the most assured result.

Our ten day Biotransformation Detoxification programme aims to remove Xenobiotics (toxins) from the body by way of mobilisation, detoxification and elimination to help restore balance to your body’s system leaving you feeling energised and in great health. When you reduce your calorie intake, you naturally release Xenobiotics (toxins) which are stored within the fat (lipid). Our programme thoroughly breaks down these toxins which can make us feel tired and unwell, and ensures they pass out of the body as part of a far-reaching scientifically researched programme that support all four phases of detoxification.

The fundamentals of Biotransformation Detoxification
The aim of Biotransformation Detoxification is to:
• Improve your health
• Eliminate all Xenobiotics by supporting all four stages of detoxification pathways.
• Reduce the side effects usually associated with detoxification such as headaches, dizziness and feeling light headed.
• Utilise the 97 percent control we have to stop the ageing process (only 3% of the ageing process is in your DNA).
• Support better cell function.
• Provide you with an advanced understanding of achievable health management.
• Allow you see for yourself that you are not what you eat but what your body does with the food you eat.
• Help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

This is only a 10 day programme - we’ve put all the hard work in so you don’t have to!

The consultation: Your consultation will include your body’s suitability and calculation of: basal metabolic rate (BMR), age, sex, weight and height.

Meal plan: Throughout the programme you will follow a specialised meal plan to include natural foods such as cruciferous vegetables, protein, healthy fats and mung beans (these contain Glucaric acid which facilitates complete detoxification and elimination of specific metabolic waste products and environmental compounds from the body). Your meals will be eaten in a 6-hour time frame which mimics a fasting diet. 

Supplements: These are taken to bind, support and make the fat-soluble Xenobiotics (toxins), that have been released, into water-soluble for safe and effective elimination.

Exercise: Just 30 minutes exercise is needed every day.

Thermal Wrap Treatment: Following exercise on days two, five, eight, nine and ten, we will massage a unique blend of aromatic essential oils into your body just before you spend time wrapped in our Infra Sauna Thermal Blanket to maximise the detoxification process.

Tracker: You can track your progress on a free mobile phone app, in particular your hydration levels, weight and over all body image. You’ll be pleased to hear that there is no juicing, hunger or cravings, plus you’ll get to choose your own meals using the planner as a guide. We’ve made a mung bean soup for you so there’s no need to worry about making that yourself.

After your ten days:
For the first five days after completing the programme we recommend that you continue with the foods you have enjoyed over the past 10 days but increase the amount to your usual portion size. You will also find that you have five days’ worth of supplements left to take, ensure to take these too. After this five days you may reintroduce foods of your choice. The discipline of your exercise and the great results you have experienced should encourage you to continue for a minimum of three days per week. This programme can be repeated once per month, once every three months or once per year, whatever works best for you and as and when you feel you need it. 

The results:
Wave goodbye to feeling tired with dull looking skin and say hello to the ‘Wonderful You’.  From the programme you will achieve:
• Greater energy levels
• Removal of Xenobiotics (toxins)
• Increased wellbeing
• Reduced or no aches and pains
• Better food choices
• Healthier lifestyle
• Healthier looking skin
• Confidence
• Mental clarity
• Weight Loss

Your programme pack including a meal plan, delicious home-made soup and supplements will be ready to collect from Crystal Springs Health Clinic and your 10 day gym membership is already in place. 

What are you waiting for?


Is Biotransformation Detoxification suitable for everyone?
Sadly not.  We would not recommend this programme to anyone:
• Who is on medication, as the Biotransformation Detoxification System is so effective it may remove from your body any medication that you are taking. We ask that you seek advice and give us permission to speak to and obtain conformation from your GP regarding the suitability of you participating in this program.
• Taking or using any form of contraceptive.  As we state about the effectiveness of this system can remove medication from your body and may cause unwanted pregnancies.

When to do the Biotransformation Detoxification System?
The ideal time is any time that suits. You MUST dedicate free time over a period of two weeks in order to successfully achieve the optimum results. The program can be repeated every month, quarterly or yearly.