Crystal Springs Health & Beauty Clinic recognises its duty of care to clients choosing to attend the salon to undertake treatments.

Crystal Springs has a Statement of Purpose in place which sets out the way in which the salon manages its business and client care practices with the aim of ensuring the safety and quality of services provided to you.

The key points contained in our Statement of Purpose are included in this guide. However you or any person acting on your behalf may ask for a full copy of our Statement of Purpose at any time.

This client guide has been devised to provide you with important information about the Ellipse permanent hair reduction treatment you are about to undertake. The guide complies with Regulation 7 of the Private and Voluntary Healthcare (England) Regulations 2001.


  • Three to six treatments are usually required to achieve the best results.

  • Treatment cannot commence within thirty clear days of any other hair removal procedure.

  • There must be no exposure to the sun or sunbeds for 30 (thirty) days before and after treatment. On exposed areas Environ sun protection cream should be applied for a minimum period of one month. A longer period of application is advisable.

  • The information provided by you on your consultation form will be programmed into the Ellipse machine. This will give you a personalised setting so it is essential that the information you provide is correct.

  • The setting given by the machine will be used when your treatment commences. The setting of the machine is based upon your sensitivity. When the treatment is applied you will observe a flash from the handset and you will experience a feeling like pins-and-needles or a sting from an elastic band in the area that is being treated. This may be lowered or raised for your comfort. More heat will be absorbed into the hair follicles of strong thick hair.

  • Please note you should not remove the protective glasses you are provided with until you are told to do so by your therapist.

  • In the event of the therapist having to leave the room, please do not touch the machine.

  • Aloe Vera Gel should be applied to the treated area for up to four days after each treatment. Both Aloe Vera Gel and the Jane Iredale make-up can be purchased from Crystal Springs Health & Beauty.

  • Four days after treatment, it is vital you shave or exfoliate the treated area to encourage the hair to fall out. It will take one to three weeks for treated hair to fall out.

  • Avoid steam rooms, hot water, swimming, saunas and perfumed products and make-up (except for Jane Iredale make-up) for forty-eight (48) hours after treatment.

  • Your next treatment should be between 6 and 8 weeks after the previous treatment. However best results will be achieved when there is sufficient re-growth even if this exceeds the 8 week period. This re-growth should be almost as noticeable as when the treatment started but the hairs will be finer and fewer than before.

  • As your treatment progresses you will be able to tolerate a higher setting of the Ellipse machine as the finer hairs require less heat to destroy the hair follicle. Any further treatments will follow the same pattern.

  • Redness of the treated area after treatment is common and will subside after 24-36 hours or less.Tingling and minor irritation may be present for 24-36 hours. Hair may appear to continue to grow after treatment but it will drop out between one and three weeks afterwards. New growth may occur (usually there will be fewer thinner and lighter hairs than before). The new growth may be shaved if necessary before your next treatment.

  1. Clients should contact the salon immediately if there is any unexpected reaction.

  2. All clients must telephone the salon two weeks before booking an appointment for their next treatment.