Massage has stood the test of time for good reason as it aids relaxation, helps muscle toning, and soothes backache, neck cramps and stiffness. The muscles benefit greatly from massaging, the body being a complex network of nerves, fibres, blood vessels, tendons and ligaments. At Crystal Springs we recommend regular massages, because of the added benefit to the circulatory system.

Your treatment oils, with their healing and therapeutic properties, are specially blended to personalise your treatment from our Isabella Massage Collection.


This massage allows for personalisation of aromatic essential oils blended with sesame seed cold press oil for its Vitamin D properties. The oils deliver therapeutic benefits, while also de-stressing and re-balancing the body.

Full-body £50
Back £35
Back, Neck & Shoulder £35


This delicate massage is ideal for those suffering from fluid retention, stress, and if the body has become sluggish. Depending on the condition, a blend of aromatics is used for a successful treatment.

Full-body £50