Weight Loss & Maintenance Programme

This system safely eliminates fat and reduces your waistline and problem areasThe Med-Mix Red Light system is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to see noticeable results. Med-Mix Red Light has other health benefits too, depending on the wavelength used. It is important to aim to be at your ideal weight and it’s vital that the weight loss system you use is safe with no side effects. Stimulation of the mitochondria creates what is known as Bioenergetics metabolism and improves blood flow.  This stimulation of the mitochondria within the fat cell increases the energy in the cell.  

Med–Mix Red Light is set to the correct wavelength to suit you and as a result more cellular energy is produced and more glucose is burnt efficiently. This increase in the metabolic rate ultimately leads to fat loss. Areas that are stimulated by the Med-Mix Red Light bring more energy and improves the blood flow carrying much needed nutrients to the cells. You simply lie under the safe, high powered red light and relax while the magic happens. 

For the best results we recommend this routine twice a week for seven weeks. Perfect for when you are slimming or simply want to eliminate stress or slow down the signs of ageing.

We recommend this package following the Biotransformation Detoxification System for ultimate effect.