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a healthy Premium Gel Nail System with no harmful ingredients

Crystal Springs offer you an alternative gel nail system that is not only healthy for your nails but gives a beautiful finish, durability and is quick and easy to remove. This system is ideal for those who are looking for a healthy alternative nail treatment. Our gels are packed with vitamins and protein leaving beautiful, long lasting and healthy nails. If your nails are flaky, thin, damaged, brittle, ridged, corrugated or you just want to maintain your long healthy nails this gel system is for you. Say goodbye to damaging acrylics and say hello to gorgeous looking nails. Be the envy of your friends with a natural extended free edge. 

Treatments last up to 4 weeks - Just like painting a house, the preparation is the key.

delux nail treatment 

£50 (1 hour)

  • We’ll exfoliate your hands and arms using our exclusive Isabella Skincare range of products

  • You’ll receive a personal nail analysis as the treatment is bespoke depending on your nail type

  • Your cuticles will be treated to gain the ultimate shape

  • Choose your shape – round, square, oval or squoval

  • Application of a base coat for the perfect finish

  • Shine in bright red, get flirty with pink or dare to go nude