A Note from Greg

Dear Ladies and Clients of Crystal Springs,

I can't begin to tell you what a week that was, I cycled more miles than I believe I ever could, testing often and daily my body to the limit. The support and camaraderie of crew and fellow bikers, plus pure stubbornness helped get me through. A life experience I shall never forget, new friends that shared a common goal to help very worthy causes. In a way it is a big shame it is all over and YES I would do it all over again! Apparently Nice to Naples is the next phase planned for 2018…so hopefully I will get the feeling come back to my toes and my butt by then…

A reminder… I have cycled 580 miles over 6 days and apparently our combined uphill (or should I say mountain) ride was more than the height of Mount Everest. The calorie burn was equal to 6,500 per day and I burnt off a stone in weight during the week. I came tumbling off once (thanks to a French driver in Leon who decided to cut across and park on the cycle path) as I swerved to avoid her. On one day had just 2 gears working, high or low and nothing in between and a slow puncture that made things much tougher than they already were…  But I battled through, inspired by the group and the generosity of you, my sponsors…

Our group have now raised over £30,000 and just look at what is happening…YOUR money is going to work! Bliss has already received £2500 for the first £10k raised, and they’ll get the rest once the total has been finalised in November. They work tirelessly to help families of children born too early, too small, too sick.

The Ashley Scrivens Foundation (TASF) has awarded 2 grants, firstly to Allsorts Gloucestershire, who work with children with learning disabilities, to enable there to be a Special Olympics Hub within Cirencester, with the target to get 40 non-active children involved within Special Olympics in the next 3 years.  The second grant is going to Everyone Active to enable the upskilling of two gymnastics coaches to Level 2 Trampoline, meaning that Cirencester will have a trampoline club open for the first time in years, with the plan to upskill the 2 coaches further in 2017 to enable disability trampolining sessions to run also.  Those children on waiting lists for gymnastics will be prioritised so more kids can get active!

TASF are working on several other projects as we speak, but nothing yet finalised, but I’ll keep you up to date with how the money you have kindly donated is going to help our community, our children. I am sure Ashley would be very proud of his legacy.

Well done and thank you everyone for your sponsorship and to all those who wish to sponsor here is that link again!


Alternatively I can receive Cash or preferably a cheque made payable to Greg Power Charity Account, the total raised via this route will be paid across to TASF at the end of November.

My fundraising page remains open until end November and has been updated with pictures and videos, so please feel free to share. Please if you can keep your donations coming as we really appreciate every penny and funds already raised are being put to good use.

Please note that 100% of your donation goes directly to the charities as Companies, including Greg Power Will Writers Ltd & Greg Power Lifetime Financial Planning have sponsored the cost of the event.

Kind regards

Greg Power

Joan BurkeComment