The gift of time

The most precious gift you can give is time. Sometimes it’s the gifts that you can’t wrap that give the most enjoyment. 

Every now and then I am treated to an extra delight in my privileged vocation. Those who know me well, know I adore children – I simply love it when clients bring their daughters to my health clinic to experience beauty treatments for the first time.

During this year’s glorious summer, a client visited with her two beautiful daughters. My treatment room soon became filled with anticipation followed by laughter – a first leg wax! I carefully explained the waxing process to my first-time young client, and as the first strip of wax was removed, she burst into uncontrolled laughter and exclaimed ‘I wasn’t expecting that!’ We couldn’t help but join in with the infectious laughter. 

As I composed myself and continued with the job in hand, my other future young client sat on her Mum’s knee, and as her mother gracefully stroked her hair in the most loving way that only a mother can, she asked her daughters, ‘if you could have a present or time, which would you prefer?’ Without hesitation both the girls said ‘time’.

We all took so much joy in that precious fun-loving moment. The girls will never forget that day; a first leg wax experience shared with their mum. I was filled with gratitude and reminded of how I used to be. And while the mum was teaching her daughters how to care for themselves she discovered something beautiful - that it is her time that her daughters value the most. 

This Christmas, try giving just small gifts, and lots of time to create priceless memories. Experiences, anticipation, uncontrollable laughter and plenty of ‘I wasn’t expecting that!’

 The most precious gift you can give yourself is your best health.

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 Our Christmas Opening Hours

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 Happy Christmas and here’s to a Healthy New Year
From Joan, Denise and Helen