We need to talk about your skin

Did you know that our skin is not only the largest organ; it’s also our first line of defence from the outside environment?

Your face is a true friend, a friend that will always tell you the truth and has only your very best interests at heart. Your face will never lie to you. Regardless of how often you really examine your face, you can never say “I didn’t know!” “I didn’t see it coming.”

What we see when we look at our skin is really just layers of dead skin cells; under the first layer of the epidermis is the dermis and subcutaneous tissues.

Combatting anti-ageing begins with the health of our skin. Skin problems are signs that all is not well with your body. A cellular network of nerves, glands and blood vessels gives your skin the protection that is vitally needs. Skin aids in regulating body temperature. Another awesome task your skin does is to synthesise Vitamin D. (I will talk more about this important vitamin at a later date). For now I will give an insight on the role of Collagen.

About 70% of skin is water; the rest is made up of protein, a building block. There are different types of protein and each has a role to play in keeping your skin young and healthy.

Keratin is found in the outer layer of the epidermis, it’s also found in hair and nails and is the strongest protein.

Collagen is vital for keeping wrinkles and lines at bay, it’s the richest protein found in the dermal layer, I call this our youth protein.

Elastin can be found in the dermal layer; this protein gives the skin its structure and sagging skin can be attributed to loss of elastin.

The correct nutrition is vital for your skin’s health and it’s critical that you have all the necessary types of protein in your diet and use skincare products that will aid protein production. This is why in the Isabella Skincare Collection we use extracts such as centella asiatica, ginseng, avocado, marine collagenand matrixy 3000 Peptide ­– just a few of our favourites.

I truly do not believe that we are meant to age; we will mature for sure but actual ageing no. Why? For me, ageing for me is like any other disease, a symptom of the body losing its balance. In every disease there is the present of inflammation – and inflammation is always present in the ageing process. It mostly comes from an overload of our cortisol hormone caused by stress. Remember that stress comes in all different forms and regardless of the cause, the result will be the same once you are over your limit. Thanks to our body’s natural renewal system that I feel sure that the body has no intentions of ageing.