Hope in a jar?!

Firstly, welcome to our new look! We hope you love it as much as we do. Creating new website content and images has given us time to reflect, to remember why we do what we do, and why we love what we do. Here’s the story of Crystal Springs.

Broken Promises
I still feel frustrated when a rep pops into the clinic, or I hear breaking news from the world of beauty claiming great things. They liken their products to bathing in the fountain of youth from one simple application. The promise that ’you’ll have skin all women dream of’ is nothing more than hope in a jar which will only ever disappoint.

Taking Action
After 21 years, I still hadn’t found the products I wanted for my clients so I took matters into my own hands. I wanted to use products that would fulfil their promise of removing wrinkles, lines, blemishes, spots, redness, acne and sagging muscles. 

My passion for health and beauty, and my desire to use products I believe in, led me to formulate my own skincare range. It was so important to me to give my clients a range of products and treatments where you can see positive results. 

Healthy + Knowledge = Beauty
It remains my aspiration to educate everyone to understand the truth of why they age, and how to prevent, protect, regenerate, repair, tone and firm their face and body. When you’re healthy within, the beautiful you shines.

I wanted my clients to stop wasting their time and money, and precious energy searching for products and treatments that continued to let them down. I wanted to enlighten women that beauty is not just about taking care of their skin, nails or being slim - most importantly, it is treating their body as a whole.

And to add to the frustration there’s so much conflicting advice on what to eat and drink.  We hear of foods that are good for us one minute then unhealthy the next – there are numerous ‘latest fad diets’ claiming to make you slim, healthy and young looking. One of the most beautiful aspects about being young is the raw energy that comes with its vitality. A face with no wrinkles or lines, on a body that has no energy or vitality, is not a sign of beauty. Be confident – be you!

Isabella Skincare – Created With You In Mind
My exclusive skincare range was inspired by my beautiful Grandmother, Isabella. She used to say ‘Your Food Is Your Medicine’ and how right she was. Isabella Skincare has been formulated for the health of your skin, linked in with the health of the body through a personalised food programme. 

Each of us has inherited various strengths and weaknesses in Autonomic Nervous system (neuro-endocrine), the master regulator of everything in metabolism and the Oxidation Rate; the rate at which nutrients is converted to energy.  Your uniqueness deserves something special - Isabella Skincare.

After 6 years of training and formulating, I am extremely proud of my range of products. I love every one of them and I know my Grandmother would certainly approve if she was still alive. 

Isabella Skincare – For The Beautiful You
So, have I achieved my aspirations, my dreams? Yes, and I am delighted to use my own skincare products exclusively in Crystal Springs. Using the luxurious cleansers, toners, serums and aromatic oils I can help women achieve beautiful healthy skin. I can interpret the message of their skin problems, compliment with their own personalised nutrition food programme; making the connection with the role nutrition plays not just to their skin, but to their health.

The Isabella Skincare collection understands that ageing is not caused by the number of years.  Ageing occurs when the body loses its ability to renew.

I want women to stop believing that there is hope in a jar, but to take action - to be the best of themselves. Using a personalised nutrition programme as the foundation, and a range of products and treatments that heal, regenerate, stimulate, improve circulation and hydrate, for healthy, beautiful looking skin. A new journey begins with the Isabella Skincare Collection.....

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Joan x