Our Philosophy

At Crystal Springs we believe that beauty comes from within, nutrition being the foundation. To keep looking and feeling healthy – avoiding degeneration of the body – we apply the principles of personalised therapeutic nutrition to all your health and beauty treatments.

We believe that there are two significant factors that affect all areas of degeneration (ageing face/body): negative STRESS and eating inappropriate food. This affects the Autonomic Nervous System which controls your metabolism (sympathetic and parasympathetic), leading to secretion of high levels of cortisol - the stress hormone - causing inflammation in the body.

Our AMT personalised therapeutic food programme analyzes 11 fundamental homeostatic controls, two of which are your metabolism, and hormones.

Combining our AMT personalised metabolism nutrition/blood type programme with Dr Kucera's medical regenerating supplements and with your beauty treatments means you are maximising your body's ability to repair and rebuild so you can mature rather than age.

Based on this philosophy we know that we can help you to achieve optimum health and beauty.

It is also very important that the time you spend with us is purely time out for you, to recharge your batteries and for us to take the best care of you. This is why your treatments are personalised. We have created a relaxing environment with wonderful aromas, the best natural products and a comprehensive treatment range. We want you to leave feeling as if you have found your own little piece of heaven.

The Energy of a Woman

Isabella my Grandmother was the first woman to get my attention, while enjoying life, she had such a passion for life and danced to all its rhythms. 

Grandma demonstrated that women are the essence of Mother Nature and beauty, and to all of life energy itself .What I know for sure is that if a woman loses her energy, she has lost herself, and her ‘dance of life’ will lose its rhythm.

I have always admired women who are comfortable in their own skin; they’re the type of women who move with ease, desire, sophistication and strength – the strength to grab your attention, but with the gentleness of a new born. Take Marilyn Monroe, for instance – she didn’t mind that it was a man’s world, as long as she was the woman in it!

Perfect balance is always required in all that is great.

One vital lesson from Isabella is that our food is our medicine. The skin is like a third kidney and being our largest organ it has a vast amount to do. Experience through my profession has shown me that many are unaware of our ‘protective shells’ (the skin)important role and the care needed, our skin generally the last to get the nutrients and the exercise required that is so vital for us to stay strong and healthy. Every Isabella product has ingredients from nature and our skin must always be at one with nature. The Isabella cleansing oils should be your first experience to the collection not only cleansing the skin, the oils and aromas will also sooth your soul.

The Isabella Skincare Collection combines base oils, herbs, fruits and plant extract, feeding your skin with nutrition and producing beautiful and intoxicating aromas.

I recognised my clients’ lifestyle challenges: juggling work, family and trying to stay true to themselves. More often than not, their beauty routines are the first to suffer. There’s good news for women when pushed for time: Isabella’s cleansing oil can be used as an ‘All in One’. It cleanses and moisturises beautifully, indulging your senses in a few moments of aromatic bliss in just one simple step!

Isabella Skincare Collection is bottled with the essence of Mother Nature, helping you bring out your true beauty and unique energy.