Anti-Ageing Facial Programme

This non-surgical CellularRegen facial works on the principle of Pilates on the face. It is anti-ageing and targets all the muscles by re-educating them to return to their natural position and strengthens the ligaments to hold the muscles in their youthful position. This facial programme works at a cellular level to stimulate collagen, improve blood flow to regenerate, reduce wrinkles and remove fine lines, and allows for a better uptake of the Isabella phyto-nutrients rich skincare products.

Stressed muscles, stretch, tighten and raise cortisol levels causing inflammation.  When there is no relief from tension, the muscles soon lose their natural resiliency and start to sag; the smaller muscles are the first to collapse. By gently massaging each of the facial muscles, emotional stress and fatigue is removed and the muscles are now given a chance to recover. When the small subcutaneous muscles lose their tone, wrinkles will appear.

By using two principles of manual and machine massage, CellularRegen facial delivers two aspects -  regeneration and preventive ageing.  

The electrical machines used during the treatment promotes the stimulation of mitochondria, known as the energy power generators of the cell.  This energy converts oxygen and nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP).  ATP is the chemical energy "currency" of the cell that gives the cells its metabolic activities.  This extraordinary facial treatment also reduces dark circles, increases Hyaluronic acid and firms the skin.  Other additional benefits are the stimulation of the fibroblast to maintain the structural integrity of the connective tissue that aids the recovery of skin injury.

Manually massaging each of the individual facial muscles eases emotional stress and tension allowing for a more effective response to the electrical machines.  The combination of both gently relines the muscles in their correct position, restoring the natural facial contour. This natural lifting and toning facial is a true alternative for Botox and fillers. As the face and the brain are so tightly linked, the additional benefits of this facial will also have a positive effect on your mental state, leaving you feeling and looking not only younger, regenerated, but totally relaxed. 

This treatment can be used as a standalone treatment but for the best results we recommend a minimum of 10 treatments, two per week as close together as possible. Perfect for when you are slimming or simply want to eliminate stress or slow down the signs of ageing.

For the ultimate effect, we recommend this package following the Biotransformation Detoxification Programme.