HOT Waxing

At Crystal Springs, with years of experience, we have taken the pain out of waxing and have perfected the art of Hot Wax hair removal, making us experts in this field. Our treatment is gentle and leaves you feeling clean and beautiful. Hot Wax is considered the pinnacle of wax treatments as it is much kinder to the skin than traditional strip wax. Due to its effectiveness of holding hot temperature onto the skin without burning, means less pull on the skin. Hot Wax also inhibits re-growth so you are able to go longer between treatments. You will receive a complimentary Isabella After Wax Oil with your first treatment. 

Warm strip waxing available by special request.


Lip £15
Chin £15
Lip/Chin £22
Eyebrow Reshape £30
Face £20

Waxing aftercare guide.

Bikini Styles

Bikini £29
Brazilian 1st £48
Brazilian £44
Playboy £56
Hollywood 1st £49
Hollywood £44
Thong £36

Arms & Legs

Full Arm £40
Half Arm £29
Full Leg £68
Half Leg £38