Weight Loss

Some people find that no matter how much exercise they do certain areas of the body remain unchanged. These treatment plans have shown proven results, especially when combined with the AMT Personalised Food Programme.

Endermologie - 1 hour

Endermologie Key Module is a body enhancement treatment which we have christened ‘a girl’s best friend’. It is the only known treatment that exercises the skin.   Endermologie, in a nutshell is high-technology slimming and anti-aging.

Designed to reactivate the removal of fat (lipolysis), to erase localized fat off the connective tissues.and smooth imperfections.  By using motorised roller stimulation triggers deep biological responses the reactivation of fat release and production of collagen and elastin.

Benefits include: increased metabolism; reduction in cellulite; scar tissue/loose skin; reduces joint inflammation; reduces fluid retention. Also ideal for people considering Liposuction or already undergone this kind of surgery.

Trial - £97, Course of 12 - £995, Single Topup - £86 payment plan available*

Electrolipolysis: Fat Buster - 1 hour

This is a painless and safe DEEP FAT treatment using acupuncture and Electrolipolysis. It destroys cells making them lose their ability to retain fat, it is also very successful in reducing fluid retention.

The machine uses in-depth action on the acupuncture points which contribute towards the body’s overall energy balance and helps considerably increase the efficiency of the treatment. Stimulation is achieved using simple contact electrodes, combining non-invasive acupuncture with no needles and no pain. Once the treatment is completed new fat cells have to be formed for the fat to return.

Single - £123, Course of 10 - £1021, Course of 15 - £1430 payment plan available*


Hot Detox Wrap - 1 Hour

Works by using a traditional recipe, packed with an infused blend of Isabella essential oils, providing a deep massage to the colon and a gentle massage of the lymphatic system. Clients have reported losing inches after treatments. This is because the colon can then work more effectively, reducing and removing bloating. This really is the feel good factor.

Single - £68

* Terms and Conditions apply